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TOGETHER we are strong...                                              


...following that motto the club members of „Friends of Africa“ decided last summer to join the
charity foundation „CTE-School-Partnership-Ghana e.V.“ (registered asssociation) in Lingen.

The association „Friends of Africa e.V.“ (founded in 2009) will therefore close down in 2021.

Just like the „Friends of Africa“ the charity foundation „CTE-School-Partnership-Ghana“ in Lingen
(etablished in 2017) devoted to the support (and sponsorship) of the „Centre for Talent Expression
NGO“ (CTE),  school founded by Morphius Eurapson-Quaye, an initiative of his own, for destitute
juveniles in Winneba/Mpota, Ghana.


So there is no change of the former means of support. Your future donations as well as all
membership fees will flow directly into the CTE. You can rely on that.

For further information please contact the website of our `new´ foundation:

On behalf of Morphius as well as the teachers and students of the CTE we would like to thank you
so much for your faithfulness and financial support of the school project throughout the last years.


CTE-Brass-Band November 2020


It would be great if you could remain attached to the CTE further on.




Friends of Africa e.V.

Managing Committee



Manfred Steffenhagen                               Gerd Plietker